It is the Shuff Law Firm’s policy to take all steps necessary to obtain orders for child custody based upon the best interests of the minor children.

Divorce cases involving minor children can be traumatic and upsetting for everyone involved. Both parents are routinely faced with a loss of time with their children, and children are forced to accept a new reality, requiring them to divide their time with their parents to some degree.  While many parents hope to share physical custody of the minor children, this is not always feasible, and some cases will include orders awarding one parent sole physical custody.

The Shuff Law Firm will initially determine the desires of each client with respect to child custody through the use of the Firm's various Proposed Child Custody and Parenting Plans. All clients with minor children are provided with a Plan at the time of their initial consultation which they may customize to accommodate their desired custodial arrangement.  The Plans include regular weekly custodial schedules, as well as a defined holiday schedules and custodial guidelines designed to assist the parties in co-parenting the minor children.

In California, the Courts consider "the best interests of the child" in making orders for child custody.   In the best scenarios, the parties are able to work out a custodial schedule and work with the other parent in amicably co-parenting the minor children.  It is the policy of the Firm to immediately pursue Court orders for child custody and child support in all cases involving minor children, either through an agreement or through Court intervention, so that the parties may avoid scheduling conflicts and follow a defined custodial schedule pursuant to a Court Order.

In instances where an agreement for child custody and parenting time cannot be reached, the best interests of the minor children may need to be determined through a Court-appointed Child Custody Evaluator, pursuant to Evidence Code Section 730.  In such high-conflict child custody cases, the Shuff Law Firm will request that the Court appoint a Child Custody Evaluator pursuant to Evidence Code Section 730 or will request a Court Order for a Child Custody Investigation to be conducted through Family Court Services.  This process ensures that a thorough evaluation is completed by an Court-approved psychologist or therapist with the qualifications necessary to make an appropriate recommendation to the Court regarding child custody and parenting time.

The Shuff Law Firm has a longstanding reputation for successfully obtaining Court Orders consistent with the best interests of all minor children.

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