Mr. Shuff was absolutely exceptional in his representation of me during my divorce.   He and his staff were thoughtful and mindful, paying attention to details and my concerns every step of the way. Mr. Shuff, in court, is nothing short of being so knowledgeable, prepared, and tactical--he is utterly amazing. My outcome was truly beyond what I expected, and was what I had hoped for but thought not possible. He is brilliant, succinct and focused, and for me, it was like having someone who was truly protecting my emotional and financial concerns every step of the way. I never felt anything less than welcome to express my concerns or thoughts to him.  The explanations provided by Mr. Shuff were informative, and it was so comforting to have two folks, Mr. Shuff and his assistant, Sheri, be so kind and amazingly good at what they do in the midst of such incredible stress – the stress of a divorce. Most importantly, the Shuff Law Firm gave me my daughter, as there were circumstances that were presented to ensure her emotional and physical safety. Beyond anything else, this “gift” or “success” was well. . .something that gave my soul rest--truly. I thank you Sheri and Joe for “holding my hand” figuratively and bringing a successful outcome to a very stressful life event. There is nothing, truly nothing that can describe how highly I recommend them.  There is no price for what they gave to me--immeasurable. Thank you.

Lisa Ferrier

Dana Point

Initially, when I began the process of divorcing, I contracted with another family law firm in Orange County, who basically took my retainer and did very little after that. Being unfamiliar with how divorce proceedings are supposed to go, I thought this was the norm. It wasn't until talking to a friend that I discovered the inadequacies of that firm. My friend recommended meeting with Joe Shuff of Shuff Law Firm.

Upon meeting Joe, I was immediately impressed with his thoroughness, professionalism and courteousness. He expeditiously took control of the floundering situation, and began to diligently file for discovery, place liens on property jointly held, got in touch with forensic accountants, and quickly put my mind at ease. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I was introduced to his partner/daughter Tamara Shuff Mortenson. Tamara is the perfect compliment to Joe. She explained legalese to me, helped me through the difficult and emotional process of completing all the necessary paperwork needed to be filed with the courts, and she knew my case inside and out. When the time came to go before the judge,

Joe and Tamara were staunch defenders of my case, and in doing so, they gave me the confidence I needed to get through the unnerving process. And in being such staunch defenders, I feel that the settlement they were able to procure for me was very favorable. They and their staff were always available, and I was always kept abreast of any changes, updates, or approaching deadlines.

I must also give kudos to the entire support staff at Shuff Law Firm. They were always professional, hardworking, kind, understanding, helpful and patient with me. They put in long hours behind the scenes doing all the "heavy lifting" of sorting through reams of paperwork, organizing, filing, copying, mailing, and making sure everything was in order.

I will not sugar-coat it, going through a divorce is hell. I would hope that I never have to experience it again. However, if the situation ever arises where I would need a family law firm, I would not hesitate to call Shuff Law Firm. If it holds any weight, I have been told that my ex has referred potential clients to MY attorneys.

Shuff Law Firm, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me. I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity!

With my sincere appreciation,

Kathy A. Ruhl

Working with Shuff Law was one of the greatest decisions I could have made. At a time when you feel most confused and vulnerable, the Shuff Law team made me feel that my best interests were being taken care of. They always kept me in the loop, were easy to reach, and were quick to respond. Most importantly, they were looking to bring parties together for a fair settlement rather than wasting clients' time and money.

Brian Fisk


Divorce is a painful and an extremely emotional experience and I was very pleased to have been represented by The Shuff Law Firm. Tamara was incredibly responsive, efficient, and advocated aggressively on my behalf throughout the legal process. She listened to my concerns and provided excellent advice and counsel in order to attain my best interests. She worked incredibly hard on my case. She was always well prepared and often early to all of my court proceedings. I also enjoyed my interactions with Mr. Shuff, and all of the office staff. They are friendly, prompt, and collectively have many decades of experience in navigating the family law process. I would highly recommend The Shuff Law Firm.


San Clemente, California

Mr. Shuff personally went above and beyond to reach a favorable settlement in my case. His staff was professional, responsive and always accessible during this difficult legal process. 


Newport Beach, CA

My experience with Shuff Law Firm has been most positive. Tamara was highly competent, very helpful, and was always one step ahead of everything. I felt very comfortable talking with her and she always took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me. I could not have been more pleased or more satisfied with her service


Alta Loma, California

I was pleased with the fair representation and the professionalism the Shuff Law Firm provided for me.  The staff handled my case with care and in a timely manner. I was also pleased that I chose an attorney with knowledge of the fire service.  I am thankful for the services the Shuff Law Firm provided for me, and I never hesitate to refer their services to others in my situation. 


San Clemente, California

After many tears of frustration and "playing defense" with my two previous attorneys, a friend recommended Joe Shuff and Tamara Shuff Mortensen.  After my initial consultation with Joe, I left the meeting with tears of joy and thankfulness as I found the right team to lead me through a very dark time. Joe's experience and Tamara's tenacity and eye for detail make them a one-two punch in court.  They were always well prepared and ready with a complete understanding of my finances and custody goals. While my ex had a respectable attorney, he couldn't stand up to the capability and intelligence of the Shuff team. I will be forever grateful for their job well done.


San Juan Capistrano, California

Highly recommended: Joe, Sheri and the entire Shuff team are essential partners in our family law journey.   The Shuff team’s deep experience and wise counsel are worth every penny.  If you want to save time, money and heartache: take their advice.

Dave Hosford

Mission Viejo, California.

I am extremely happy with the experience and services from Shuff Family Law Firm. Tamera Shuff Mortensen and staff were always proficient, helpful, and punctual in returning calls and addressing my concerns. Throughout the entire process I was always kept up to date as to where we were, what the next steps were, and I felt as though they had my best interest at heart. Above all, Tamara is a high quality professional who is thorough and thoughtful to her clients. I would personally recommended Shuff Family Law based on my overwhelmingly positive experience." – Tasha, Aliso Viejo, Global Sales Executive Let me know.

Tasha Gabal