Mr. Shuff was absolutely exceptional in his representation of me during my divorce.   He and his staff were thoughtful and mindful, paying attention to details and my concerns every step of the way. Mr. Shuff, in court, is nothing short of being so knowledgeable, prepared, and tactical--he is utterly amazing. My outcome was truly beyond what I expected, and was what I had hoped for but thought not possible. He is brilliant, succinct and focused, and for me, it was like having someone who was truly protecting my emotional and financial concerns every step of the way. I never felt anything less than welcome to express my concerns or thoughts to him.  The explanations provided by Mr. Shuff were informative, and it was so comforting to have two folks, Mr. Shuff and his assistant, Sheri, be so kind and amazingly good at what they do in the midst of such incredible stress – the stress of a divorce. Most importantly, the Shuff Law Firm gave me my daughter, as there were circumstances that were presented to ensure her emotional and physical safety. Beyond anything else, this “gift” or “success” was well. . .something that gave my soul rest--truly. I thank you Sheri and Joe for “holding my hand” figuratively and bringing a successful outcome to a very stressful life event. There is nothing, truly nothing that can describe how highly I recommend them.  There is no price for what they gave to me--immeasurable. Thank you.

- Lisa Ferrier , Dana Point

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