Initially, when I began the process of divorcing, I contracted with another family law firm in Orange County, who basically took my retainer and did very little after that. Being unfamiliar with how divorce proceedings are supposed to go, I thought this was the norm. It wasn't until talking to a friend that I discovered the inadequacies of that firm. My friend recommended meeting with Joe Shuff of Shuff Law Firm.

Upon meeting Joe, I was immediately impressed with his thoroughness, professionalism and courteousness. He expeditiously took control of the floundering situation, and began to diligently file for discovery, place liens on property jointly held, got in touch with forensic accountants, and quickly put my mind at ease. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I was introduced to his partner/daughter Tamara Shuff Mortenson. Tamara is the perfect compliment to Joe. She explained legalese to me, helped me through the difficult and emotional process of completing all the necessary paperwork needed to be filed with the courts, and she knew my case inside and out. When the time came to go before the judge,

Joe and Tamara were staunch defenders of my case, and in doing so, they gave me the confidence I needed to get through the unnerving process. And in being such staunch defenders, I feel that the settlement they were able to procure for me was very favorable. They and their staff were always available, and I was always kept abreast of any changes, updates, or approaching deadlines.

I must also give kudos to the entire support staff at Shuff Law Firm. They were always professional, hardworking, kind, understanding, helpful and patient with me. They put in long hours behind the scenes doing all the "heavy lifting" of sorting through reams of paperwork, organizing, filing, copying, mailing, and making sure everything was in order.

I will not sugar-coat it, going through a divorce is hell. I would hope that I never have to experience it again. However, if the situation ever arises where I would need a family law firm, I would not hesitate to call Shuff Law Firm. If it holds any weight, I have been told that my ex has referred potential clients to MY attorneys.

Shuff Law Firm, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me. I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity!

With my sincere appreciation,

- Kathy A. Ruhl

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